In House Exchange Hosting: Maintenance & Administration tasks takes the huge chunk of $

Most of the organizations, no matter how large they are, moderate size or SMBs understand the value of achieving effectiveness in parallel with saving dollars. This could be easy to say or put this into white paper as a best practice for business models to follow; how to get there is actually challenging as it takes enormous energy and effort to implement this with proper plan. Where to begin? Most of them starts from their network infrastructure. Companies buy their own servers at very expensive price, it costs substantially high if they decides to lease it out on a specific time period and even more expensive to maintain. Apart from purchasing expensive servers, now the company has a big hurdles to securely house these in a cool environment, also need to meet other data center standards such as raised floor, alarms & security systems, which eventually cost more for the company.

That’s not all, there are other unavoidable factors which cause the company’s overhead to shoot, such as recruiting experts on various IT skills, training etc. They won;t be available for long unless company pay them decent salary to carry out the day to day maintenance of these infrastructure. Its sounds more expensive than the infrastructure. In summary, it is understood that doing the above method is very costly investment for any company and SMBs are badly affected here.


Look out for the various offering in the market for Microsoft Exchange Hosting service. With the help of Exchange Hosting partners, you only pay a lower fee, and at the same time you are getting the same features & benefits – server could be a personally owned or shared one, depends on your contract with hosters. Exchange server hosting and exchange mail hosting is sure fire way to save cost while maximizing throughput.

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