Indexing a Second Hard Drive on Vista

Say you add a second hard drive to your Vista computer and it shows up as D: drive in Windows Explorer. Now you move lots of your data files to this second drive—how can you make sure your second drive is being indexed so that you can quickly search its contents?

You need to do two things:

  1. Right-click on D: drive in Windows Explorer and select Properties, then select the checkbox that says “Index this drive for faster searching.” This sets the FANCI bit on drive D: so that it can be indexed, but it doesn’t actually add drive D: to your indexer, so go to step 2 to do that now.,
  2. Open Indexing Options from Control Panel, click the Modify button, and select the checkbox for drive D: and now the Windows Search service will begin indexing the content on drive D: so that you can search for files and for text within files on that drive.

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