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For more than 20 years the ISF (Information Security Forum) has been providing security related information to its registered members. With 300 members worldwide, ISF has become a leading independent authority in information security. ISF is a not-for-profit organization with in-house experts and an accumulated knowledgebase of IS practical solutions. They provide guidance on all aspects of information security and to benefit from all this you need to be a member. Member organizations come from various sectors such as, large corporations, government departments and private/public entities.

“Membership of the ISF is one of our most important investments… it’s like hiring the most experienced consultancy team but for a fraction of the price”.

ISF provides an extensive library of research projects and IS reports including webinars about risk management and related topics. ISF provides a unique set of practical tools and methodologies to manage and control information risk throughout the enterprise. ISF provides a mechanism that brings together all members to share and discuss information security issues, experiences and practical solutions through workshops, Chapter meetings and round table events

As members you would enjoy a wide selection of tools designed to be as straightforward to implement as possible, an ‘out of the box’ approach for addressing a wide range of challenges – whether they be strategic, compliance-driven or process-related. Some tools are available to the general public. For more information go here.

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