Infrant Introduces Ultra Power-efficient Compact 3TB 1U NAS

Infrant Technologies, a leader in network-based storage for home and small business use, today announced its latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) offering for businesses ranging from small and mid-sized offices up to small and mid-sized enterprises concerned with protecting data in a power- and space-efficient manner. The ReadyNAS 1100 is a new class of NAS. Building on Infrant’s award-winning pedigree, it is perfect for archiving data or day-to-day department and workgroup activities.

The ReadyNAS 1100 sports an incredibly compact 12-inch-deep field serviceable 1U chassis (enabling back-to-back mounting in a four-post data rack) and has a typical power consumption of 75 watts with four hard drives, so a 20 AMP rack of 1100s touts 90 terabytes of storage. Additionally, the 1100 has dual 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports, full-hardware RAID (0, 1, 5, X-RAID) acceleration and the ability to support up to four hot-swappable SATA hard drives. The 1100 also features sequenced hard drive power on, which protects the unit from “start-up surging.”

The ReadyNAS 1100 is built around an enterprise-hardened embedded Linux operating system and Infrant’s custom network storage processor (NSP), requiring no additional software installation or per-user licensing agreements. The 1100 has three security modes (share, user and domain for ADS integration), providing additional security to the network. It also has built-in system monitoring with e-mail alerts to keep administrators apprised of the status of the unit. Its browser-based administrations screens facilitate centralized management. The 1100 has a journaling file system to ensure data integrity so that in the event of a system failure, all of the data can be quickly restored to its pre-crash configuration. Additionally, the 1100 is backed by a dedicated team of engineers to assist with any integration issues.

“The introduction of our second-generation ReadyNAS 1100 is based on the valuable feedback from our existing ReadyNAS customers, resulting in the best price vs. power consumption vs. features option for the SMB and SME markets,” said Paul Tien, president and CEO of Infrant Technologies. “Furthermore, the 1100 is built around our efficient NSP to achieve an unprecedented compact size and flexibility, making this 1U offering ideal as either a primary or backup storage option.”

As with all ReadyNAS appliances, the 1100 has native support for Microsoft® Windows™ (SMB/CIFS), Apple® Mac OSX™ (AFP), Linux and Unix™ (NFS) operating systems. Users will also benefit from Infrant’s patent-pending X-RAID, allowing users and IT administrators to add additional drives as their budget or storage needs expand. It also includes a bundled version of EMC® Retrospect™ with five user licenses, a $150 value, which is an ideal backup and recovery solution for SMBs and SOHOs. Lastly, Infrant’s knowledgeable and dependable engineers are on hand to help with any problem.

Pricing and availability
The ReadyNAS 1100 is currently available and comes in four different configurations. Customers can purchase a core unit sans hard drives (MSRP US$999), with 1-TB pre-loaded (MSRP US$1,575), 2-TB pre-loaded (MSRP US$2495) and 3-TB pre-loaded (MSRP US$3,395). Infrant is also offering a 2-year extended warranty on top of the standard 1-year warranty. Please contact an authorized Infrant reseller today for a complimentary product demonstration.

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