INGENICA’S UniPrint Host Edition Cures Printing Inflexibility Headaches For Mainframe, Midrange And All Other Host Systems

UniPrint Significantly Increases Convenience, Flexibility, and Productivity by Enabling LPR-Based Systems to Print to Windows-based Printers

Toronto,Ontario – INGENICA, the innovative leader in server-based printing solutions, today announced the launch of UniPrint Host Edition. Developed to cure printing inflexibility headaches in all mixed host systems (such as UNIX, AIX, AS/400, IBM Power Series, System z, and Linux) and Windows environments, UniPrint Host Edition enables all local and remote users on fat or thin clients working in a server-based (Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server) or non server-based environment to benefit from enhanced printing flexibility.

The all-new UniPrint Host Edition enables organizations to build a de facto information bridge between their Line Printer Remote (LPR)-based systems and their Windows-based systems. The bridge makes it easy for users to access data stored on the host system, and print to a Windows-based printer. This innovative solution makes it simple to p rovide truly fast and flexible cross-platform printing.

UniPrint Host Edition further enhances printing flexibility in a mixed host-Windows environment by making it convenient for users to print, preview or archive print jobs. Taking advantage of the common, affordable, and easy-to-maintain Windows environment, UniPrint Host Edition converts print files into Portable Document Format (PDF) before transmitting them to a Windows desktop computer ready to print, preview, or save.

An easy-to-install and manage software-based solution, UniPrint Host Edition eliminates the need for organizations to invest the money, time and resources traditionally required to install and maintain a hardware-based printing solution, and reprogram the host side of the system.

“Surveys revealed that despite the fact customers found cross-platform printing made great sense from a productivity standpoint, they had given up on the idea because it posed too many problems, and because the only available software and hardware solutions were far too expensive and far too difficult to implement,” said Arron Fu, Vice President, Software Development, INGENICA. “The largest problem with printing in a mixed host-Windows environment is the inability to print data stored on host systems to a Windows-based printer,” Fu continued. “I am very pleased to announce that UniPrint Host Edition makes it simple and cost-effective to eliminate this problem completely.”

Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, and requiring minimal host-side modifications, UniPrint Host Edition eliminates the need for expensive software and hardware – such as Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS)-based printers. By simplifying both cross-platform printing and central management of print jobs, UniPrint Host Edition also enables Windows desktop users to retain advanced printer properties, such as tray mapping, stapling, and duplex printing.

UniPrint Host Edition is especially useful for users accessing the host system through a Citrix/Terminal Server session; accessing the host system via a dumb terminal; accessing the host system via a terminal emulation program; accessing the host system from home or via a mobile device; or requiring b atch printing.

To take advantage of a free 30-day trial download of UniPrint Host Edition, please visit . UniPrint Host Edition can be purchased through UniPrint’s global reseller network. Please visit for more details.


INGENICA ( ), a division of Bell Business Solutions, a Bell Canada Company (TSX, NYSE: BCE), is a recognized leader in the development of software-based solutions for the Server-based Computing (SbC) community. INGENICA’s award-winning solution, the UniPrint Suite of Products, offers a comprehensive range of printing solutions for both centralized and diversified network architectures, and for all systems, client platforms and devices. UniPrint replaces all manufacturers’ printer drivers with a single PDF generator to promote faster, more efficient printing that enables organizations to improve both productivity and return on existing IT investments. For additional information on UniPrint, please visit .

UniPrint Server, UniPrint Terminal Server Edition, UniPrint Gateway Edition, UniPrint Gateway Terminal Server Edition, UniPrint Host Edition, and UniPrint Web Edition are trademarks of Bell Business Solutions. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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