Installation tips for Exchange Server 2007 SP2

Although the installation of an Exchange Service Pack requires thorough planning, if you feel courageous enough to immediately start deploying Exchange 2007 SP2, these tips might become useful:

  1. Read the SP2 Release Notes (really, please take a look at them).
  2. Windows Installer 4.5 is a pre-requisite for Exchange Server 2007 SP2. Whether you decide to install it separately or as part of Windows Server 2008 SP2, a reboot will be required.
  3. Exchange Server 2007 SP2 updates the AD schema. The SP2 Setup Wizard will do the job for you, or you can always perform the AD extension previously.
  4. Exchange Server 2007 SP2 cannot be uninstalled.
  5. The SP2 binaries must reside on a local disk. If you run the setup from a network location, it will first copy those files to a local path.
  6. If you are using Operations Manager to monitor Exchange, stop the Health Service before you install Exchange 2007 SP2.
  7. If you are running the latest version of Forefront Security for Exchange Server, stop all Forefront services before you run the Exchange 2007 SP2 Setup program (the RTM version of Forefront isn’t compatible with SP2).
  8. The recommended installation path is: CAS > UM > Hub > Edge > Mailbox.
  9. If you decide to install it from the command line, navigate to the Exchange 2007 SP2 media location, and then run /mode:upgrade.

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