Installing E12

I have installed E12 and will start testing and using over the coming days. For anyone that is trying out E12, the best source of information is the Exchange Team blog.

The installation seems relatively straight forward and certainly alot easier than previous versions. The wizard basically does the job for you, as a wizard should.

There are a few elements needed prior to installation:

MMC 3.0 (known bug, see fix in previous post)
.NET Framework Version 2.0
Windows 2003 Native Domain

Apart from that, point and click and the whole thing magically installs. er, at least thats what I’m hoping!

The architecture of E12 has changed, in that there is no longer a Front and Back End server configuration. This has now been broken further down into 5 different server roles. I’ll be posting further articles on E12, so watch this space.

e12 setup.JPG : ,

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