Installing Outlook 2007

It seems that Microsoft is now intent on releasing any product when in Beta 2 status to a wide circulation of users through the Internet. Through this they gain free QA for their products. They even made a few bucks on people paying  4$ to download Office 2007 Beta 2.

So, yesterday I downloaded Office 2007 myself, wishing to finally test it with my Exchange 2003 for now. After upgrading Outlook did not load. No Outlook safe mode, no nothing. I had to uninstall the Lookout plug-in to make Outlook start. When configuring Outlook services I had to resort to manual configuration for some reason. Trying again, setting up a new profile, auto-configuration worked well.

I like the Outlook UI though. It went through less radical changes than the rest of the Office suit which is okay by me for now. I had to install Windows Desktop Search from the Internet to replace my old Lookout and now I am sort of happy though I am stuck with searches hooked into my operating system UI. I am going on a UI diet though and will decide in a week which one will stay.

For those of you who use signatures, you can now create a nice HTML signature and insert a picture into it without activating Word. 



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