Intel and MediaTek announce 5G modem solutions partnership

Intel recently announced a partnership with MediaTek aid in the development, certification, and support of 5G modem solutions. There are several different moving parts when it comes to this initiative. For their part in this new partnership, Intel plans on defining a new 5G solution specification. And MediaTek will be responsible for developing and delivering a new 5G modem that is part of that specification. Additionally, Intel plans on providing optimization and validation options across the platform so that OEM partners can enjoy easy system integration and co-engineering support.

There aren’t currently any products or new capabilities offered as a result of this partnership. However, the two companies are targeting a release date of early 2021 for the first products in this series. They also intend to work with a number of OEMs to deliver laptops that include Intel and MediaTek’s 5G solutions. Dell and HP are expected to be among those involved in the first round of products.

About 5G initiatives

Intel and MediaTek expect that 5G will be “the most significant network transformation in history.” Basically, this technology is meant to bring together computing and communications, ultimately opening the door for new PC experiences that make communication and productivity easier.

What’s next for Intel and MediTek?

So what comes first as a result of this partnership? Intel is working on defining a 5G solution specification focused on deployment in key areas for laptop users. And MediaTek is working on developing and manufacturing the technology for the new 5G modem. From there, Intel will develop and validate various hardware and software integrations on the platform level, including OS host drivers.

Intel and MediaTek are also working with Fibocom to develop M.2 modules that are optimized to work seamlessly with Intel client platforms. Since Fibocom will be the first module vendor for this solution, they’ll be responsible for providing operator certification and regulatory support. And they’ll also lead 5G M.2 module manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

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