Introduce new legislation to protect privacy!

Would it be that simple to suppress online content when a court issues a gag order as it happens with offline media? A group of lawmakers in the UK wants Google and other search engines to put in place mechanisms that allow for removal of search links that point to content that was legally found to be in breach of privacy.

A report commissioned by the British government stated that:

Where an individual has obtained a clear court order that certain material infringes their privacy and so should not be published, we do not find it acceptable that he or she should have to return to court repeatedly in order to remove the same material from internet searches,

The same report stresses the importance of the legislation part when it comes to enforce privacy measures, it concluded:

Google and other search engines should take steps to ensure that their websites are not used as vehicles to breach the law and should actively develop and use such technology. We recommend that if legislation is necessary to require them to do so, it should be introduced,”

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