Introducing DVS Enterprise with Active Infrastructure

In case you missed the memo, convergence is all the rage these days, but everyone seems to have a different idea about what convergence actually means. For some companies, such as Nutanix, Pivot3 and Simplivity, convergence is taken to an extreme with the companies cramming everything – compute, storage, hypervisor — into a single physical entity that forms the building block for a scale out solution. As you need more, you simply buy another box.

Other companies, however, look at convergence as putting together a bunch of difference technologies, validating that solution and then selling it as a single product. That’s the tactic that Dell has taken with their DVS Enterprise solution. At present, Dell sells three pre-configured, validated, racked, cabled and ready to go solutions:

  • DVS Enterprise with vStart for VDI 50 (supports 50 to 300 users)
  • DVS Enterprise with Active System 800 (supports up to 4,000 users per cluster, 50,000 users total)
  • DVS Enterprise with vStart for VDI 1000 (supports up to 2000 VDI users… why didn’t they call it the 2000?)

Depending on the solution, you get either Dell PowerEgge R620 servers or Dell M1000e blade chassis populated with Dell PowerEdge M620 servers, Dell PowerConnect or Force10 networking hardware, Wyse terminals, Compellent or EqualLogic storage and a choice of either Citrix or VMware for the VDI portion.

To learn more about the DVS solution, visit theDell product page.

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