Microsoft announces deeper integrations for Intune and Azure AD

Microsoft recently announced that Intune and Azure AD will team up to improve access for users.

The Intune Managed Browser for iOS and Android devices provides secure web browsing features that lets users safely view and navigate web pages without compromising company data. The new features that Microsoft just announced aim to make it easier for users to access the web apps and resources they need from anywhere, while still providing that same level of security. And those new features are possible thanks to deep integrations with Azure Active Directory.

Azure AD Application Proxy

Intune and Azure AD

The Azure AD Application Proxy allows you to provide users with secure remote access to on-premises web applications. It comes with all the security features of Azure AD but doesn’t require any changes to your network infrastructure in order to configure and use the program.

The updates to this program make it easier for people to access the data they need remotely. Before, they may have needed to remember multiple URLs to access data depending on whether they were accessing it remotely or on site. But now, users can simply type in the same internal URL in the managed browser even when working remotely.

Intune App Protection

You can also now configure the Intune App Protection policies for Outlook to automatically open HTTPS links within the Managed Browser. This eliminates the frustration users often have when they’re unable to open certain emailed links while working outside the network.


The MyApps experience is also now integrated into the Managed Browser, meaning you can easily find and access applications whether they’re on-premises applications published with Application Proxy or cloud applications integrated with Azure AD. Users can quickly access their MyApps application right on the Managed Browser homepage and in their bookmarks.

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