Intune-TeamViewer integration supports remote assistance for Android

Microsoft just announced deeper integrations between Intune and TeamViewer. More specifically, the Intune-TeamViewer integration now supports remote assistance on Android devices.

For IT professionals and help-desk team members, these integrations can make providing remote assistance to end users on Android devices much easier. Here’s a bit more about the update and what it can mean for organizations and IT admins and help-desk professionals.

Microsoft Intune and TeamViewer

With the Intune TeamViewer integration, help-desk support team members can now start remote assistance sessions with end users on Android devices. You can use those sessions to help with things like training, support issues, or even provide step-by-step walkthroughs of device or application usage.

Given the immense popularity of Android devices, this integration can make it much easier for organizations to provide a wide variety of support functions to users. With the integration, you can also access all the TeamViewer features, including chat, file transfers, and device details.

How to use Intune with TeamViewer

You’ll also need a TeamViewer license to take advantage of this functionality. And the TeamViewer software must be purchased separately. You can visit the TeamViewer website to see all the different license options and get information about pricing and the various features of each plan. Then once you purchase the software, you can install it on your device to start taking advantage of all the different features, including the ability to provide support to end users on Android devices.

You can install the TeamViewer Quick Support device application through Intune for a streamlined device experience. Or even if the TeamViewer application isn’t installed on your device beforehand, you can go into the Intune Company Portal to see a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up the TeamViewer Quick Support application during your first remote assistance session.

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