Iomega Announces New Rackmount and Desktop NAS Devices for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

SAN DIEGO, September 20, 2007 – Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data protection and security, today expanded its lineup of network attached storage (NAS) servers with new rackmount and desktop devices designed to meet the growing data needs of contemporary small and mid-sized businesses.

For rackmount implementations, Iomega is announcing two new four-drive models to its current NAS offerings: the new Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB* Server and the Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB Server with Print Serving capability. Both models are designed to fit seamlessly into the data center with support for key Microsoft file services.

For cost-effective desktop NAS, the new Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 150d 3TB Server gives SMB network administrators a reservoir of add-on network storage with Active Directory support and unbeatable ease-of-use.

“The new Iomega 200r and 150d NAS devices are excellent examples of Iomega continuing to maximize NAS performance and usability at great prices that deliver real value to SMBs that need secure, reliable network storage for their growing data needs,” said Tom Kampfer, president and COO, Iomega Corporation. “Iomega has the industry’s broadest lineup of network storage devices for the growing needs of SOHO and small business customers. From basic to feature-rich Windows-based servers, as well as Linux-based network hard drives ranging in capacity from 250GB to 3TB, we have the right network storage devices, at the right price, to address all phases of a growing small business.”

Advanced Performance
Both the 200r and the 150d NAS devices use a Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) port to connect to the network and come with four SATA-II drives that can be configured for RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring), or RAID 5 (striping plus parity) operation. RAID 0 provides maximum performance and operating capacity; RAID 1 and RAID 5 provide maximum data security, protecting all data even in the event of a drive failure.

The 200r and the 150d NAS devices also offer true hot-swappable hard drives, meaning that any one of the four hard drives in a RAID 1 or RAID 5 array can be removed from the NAS enclosure while it is running. When a replacement drive is inserted, the NAS device will rebuild the new drive into the existing RAID 1 or 5 array without any interruption or downtime. This is an enterprise-class feature that Iomega is helping make truly affordable to the small business and home office user.

Award-Winning Software
For secure storage and worry-free backup and disaster recovery, Iomega’s StorCenter Pro 200r and 150d servers include five client licenses for EMC® Retrospect® Express software. Retrospect Express delivers automated, reliable, cost-effective protection for Windows® and Mac® users. Its award-winning design makes it easy to set up and manage highly efficient backups on any personal computer, greatly simplifying disaster recovery. Users can back up open files, verify backup integrity during the backup, have scheduled backups proceed even without logging in, and recover individual files or a complete system to any point in time. Additional licenses are available for purchase online at

In addition, the StorCenter Pro NAS 200r comes with CA eTrust® Antivirus version 7.1 software preinstalled. CA BrightStor® ARCserve® OEM edition with Disaster Recovery, version 11.5, is also included.

200r Server Features
Both the new Iomega® StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB (Express edition) and its companion product, the NAS 200r 1TB with Print (Workgroup edition) are rackmount NAS devices powered by Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 and support Microsoft’s Encrypting File System, Volume Shadow Copy Services, and Active Directory Services. As Windows servers, they can run third-party applications, which is a major differentiator over lower-cost Linux-based products. The NAS 200r servers are compatible with today’s most common backup and security software titles.

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Workgroup edition offers true Print Serving which gives the StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB with Print the ability to manage up to five printers; a Windows Print Server upgrade to unlimited printers is available as an option.

150d Server Features
In creating the StorCenter Pro NAS 150d Server, Iomega focused on NAS essentials with the priority on value and simplicity for the home and small office user. The result is a fast and easy-to-use desktop device. Iomega’s Discovery Tool software makes setup virtually automatic. The StorCenter Pro NAS 150d Server supports computers running the Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Print server functionality is built in; simply connect a printer to the included USB 2.0 interface.

Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200r and 150d Servers support clients running Microsoft Windows Vista/2000/XP Home/XP Professional/XP Professional x64, Mac® OS X 10.2.7 or higher, and Linux distributions, including Redhat 9, Madrake 10, Debian 3.0, Gentoo, and FedoraCore 3.

Supported network file protocols include Microsoft, Linux/UNIX, Apple, Internet and FTP.

Price and Availability
The Iomega® StorCenter™ Pro NAS 150d 3TB Server is now shipping worldwide for $1,699.00. The Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB Server will be available later this month for $1,899.00; the Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200r 1TB Server with Print will also be available later this month for $2,499.00. (All prices are suggested US retail.)

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