New iPhone 14 Models Are Better, but Not Amazing

New iPhone 14 Pro (2022) features from above.
The new iPhone 14 Pro and Plus models are in and nothing is left to hide.

Summer has ended, and so has the wait for the new iPhone. In 2022, Apple released its new lineup of iPhone14s sooner than expected. The lineup consists of four models: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Although the iPhone 14 offers visible improvements over the previous iPhone 13, they are not as substantial as many would have liked. 

Though it may become this year’s best phone, Apple has not changed enough to force conversion from Android to iPhone. 

Here are three facts about the new iPhone 14:

  1. Lineup has 2 professional and 2 budget options
  2. New security features with iOS 16
  3. Only Pro models have the 48-megapixel camera

Experienced Apple users view this year’s iPhone models as a half-step in feature improvements. For instance, iPhone 14 budget models are almost the same as iPhone 12 Pro models, with only slightly better batteries.

Basic Models Offer Solid Performance

The basic iPhone 14 model, without any additional distinctions, is a user-focused device. Its Super Retina XDR display and 460 pixels per inch offer crisper visuals than any preceding iPhones.

The larger base model iPhone 14 Plus offers the same improved display and a bigger battery. These models compare to the Max models in size. 

The 26-hour battery life is appealing for watching videos and streams. 

The basic and Plus models have a glass back with aluminum casings and the patented Ceramic Shield front is relatively scratch and fingerprint-resistant. This gives the phones a classical look without sacrificing weight.

Apple shop storefront.
Even the entry-level models are quite good, especially if someone is moving up from older phones.

Pro Models Are Ditching the Notch

On the other side of the spectrum are the Pro models: the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Both Pro models have a matte black glass finish and stainless steel casing. This, in turn, makes them an ounce heavier than the basic and Plus models.

Both iPhone 14 Pro models have 2,000 nits peak brightness, making the screen display visible even in bright sunlight. The Pro models are supported by a stronger battery that can manage up to 23 and 29 hours of video playback for the Pro and Pro Max, respectively. The battery should last at least a day with regular use.

Pro models also have a visual advancement, as iPhone is finally ditching the notch and replacing it with the “Dynamic Island” in iOS 16. The Dynamic Island allows users faster access to apps running in the background.

The CPU is the new A16 Bionic chip, a “false hexa-core,” which has six cores but only four threads. Still, it has a 4 nm chip, a big improvement over its predecessor.

Still, the biggest advancement in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is the camera, which boasts a 48MP sensor, four times as powerful as its forerunner’s.

Better Camera and Better Software

Although “megapixel” is not as big a buzzword for phones today as it once was, Apple’s hardware improvements have been long in coming. Most Android phones have overtaken iPhones in this regard, with some Android models even passing the 100MP mark.

However, iPhone has superior processing. Its optical sensor takes in four times as much information as its Android competitors. This means, you are likely to take more detailed images with the iPhone Pro than any other phone. 

The more visual information captured, for both photos and videos, the more room for editing. By extracting images in Apple ProRAW format, you may be able to create images comparable to those from a mid-range DSLR camera.

Finally, the two additional cameras work in tandem with the main camera, offering ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. This allows you to zoom up to three times.

Top of the iPhone 14 phone, featuring the dynamic isle.
The new dynamic isle is there not just for show, but with new functions.

Full iPhone Specs per Model

It’s easy to throw Apple’s marketing jargon around to make anything sound good. For those considering buying the new iPhone, here are the full iPhone 14 specifications for all four models in a head-to-head comparison.

Image of a table of the iPhone 14 models' specifications.
iPhone 14 models may be a good choice overall!

Good Time to Purchase the iPhone 13?

The features included in the new iPhone 14 lineup do sound interesting. However, not everyone would be willing to pay the steep $799 and $999 price tags for the basic and Pro models, respectively. 

But, if you’re entering the Apple ecosystem, it might be a good time to try the iPhone 13, which is currently running for $599, or check out the iPhone 12, which is selling at even more competitive prices.

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