iPhone is Exchange ActiveSyncable: Who else in the market?

Apple’s recent announcement for its iPhone’s ability to synchronize with Hosted Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync enables the organization to achieve its best from wireless devices. IMAP feature in iPhone will not be that relevant for Exchange Server with the availability of true wireless synchronization using ActiveSync. So by having iPhone 2.0 and Hosted Exchange services, you are pretty much be able to synchronize emails, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks over various wireless medium such as Wi-Fi and GPRS network.

Exchange Hosting  Providers now can offer a bundle of choice to its Mobile business users between a Windows Mobile Device, iPhone, blackberry and Good Messaging Server for full wireless push email. There are also a number of other vendors got ActiveSync ready wireless devices in the market, namely, Treo, Nokia, Motorola etc. These protocol licensees are adding functionalities quite frequently.

DataViz’s RoadSync application provides secure, wireless and direct push synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 & 2007. Some of the key Exchange 2007 features has been added into Roadsync are email flags, Exchange Server Search, UNC file access from SharePoint etc. RoadSync offers broad range of mobile device coverage. Details can be found here.


Helio models are innovative and they have recently released “Mail for Microsoft Exchange”, a downloadable client for the Helio Ocean providing Direct Push of email, contacts, and calendar, GAL lookup and support for Remote Wipe. Ocean Device is the world’s first dual slider device with a full QWERTY keyboard and a separate numeric pad. Details can be found here.


Nokia recently released version 2.3.0 of its “Mail for Exchange” product – added functionalities are Task Synchronization, Global address list Lookup, and accept/reject meeting requests from calendar. Nokia keep increasing its support for “Mail for Exchange” to their N-series models, apart from the existing E-series models. Downloaded Mail for Exchange ver 2.3.0 from this link and more resources can be found here.

nokia e62.gif

Sony Ericsson’s feature-rich mobile phones such as Z750i, P990 Smartphone and M600 now support the Exchange Active Sync protocol. Users can synchronize their e-mail, calendar, and contacts information while on the road. More details can be found here.


Palm’s decade of mobile computing experience now gets even better with built-in Microsoft’s direct push technology in its selected Treo models. It has recently added GAL lookup. Details can be found here.


..And goes on with BlackBerry Enterprise Server & Good Messaging Server…

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