iPhones and iPads targeted by malware writers

Windows advocates have been saying it for years: the reason Windows gets more malware is because those who write and distribute malicious code target it specifically in order to get the biggest “bang for the buck.” Mac fans have maintained that Macs are just “magically” more secure, but that myth is being shattered.

There was little satisfaction in creating malware for OS X, since it had only about 10 percent of the desktop market. The iPhone and iPad, on the other hand, have been extremely popular – and that popularity has not only attracted legitimate customers; it’s attracted hackers, too. A recent ZDnet story reports on a security vulnerability in iOS that allows an attacker to take total control of an iPhone or iPad:


Meanwhile, Secunia released a report showing that between 2005 and 2010, the software vendor with the most security vulnerabilities was … Apple. Oracle came in second and Microsoft third.


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