IPv6 for the Windows Administrator: Why you need to care about IPv6

Hey y’all, Mark back with a new topic we haven’t really talked about much here on the blog, IPv6. When I go onsite with customers I tend to have two discussions over and over again. First, RPC ports and firewalls. Ned Pyle has taken care of that one here and here. The second, IPv6. The point of this post is not the technical how it all works deep down, the point is to be similar to the on-site discussions I have every other week and is geared at the Windows/System Administrator. Ray Zabillia and I have more posts planned on some basics and how it all works in the coming weeks. If this is a topic of interest we can keep going from there and do some real in depth on some of the transitions technologies and how to roll your own lab even. Please let us know in the comments! Now on to the glimpse of the on-site discussions.

“Who cares about IPv6 we got IPv4 working and it’s working just fine.”

Read more at source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askpfeplat/archive/2013/06/17/ipv6-for-the-windows-administrator-why-you-need-to-care-about-ipv6.aspx

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