InfraRed Configuration for Windows 95/98/ME

for: :

Please, verify first in the System Properties
(right-click on “My Computer” or in the
Control-Panel) on the tab :

Device Manager

that Windows has detected and installed
the drivers for the Infrared port.

Look then at the icons in your taskbar for the Infra-Red communication icon:

Or look in the Control-Panel for the Infra-Red icon :

tab : Status
By default, the Infrared communications
port has been disabled.
Switch to the tab : Options,
where you can
Enable infrared communication“.
After “enabling infrared communication”,
press first on the button “Apply”,
because on then will the information
on Communication speed be displayed.
The system informs you, that you have
now an additional serial communications
port (COM4) and parallel port ( LPT3).
You may need to limit the connection
speed to 115 kbps on Windows98/98SE:
KnowledgeBase articleQ246925 :
The infrared protocol stack used in Windows 98 Second Edition is unreliable at higher transfer speeds, (greater than 115.2 kilobits per second [Kbps])
tab : Identification
To enable the systems to exchange data,
they need to identify itself.
This information is identical to the
tab : Identification of the Network configuration
go back to the tab : Status
your system is now trying to find
other infrared devices within range.

Place now the 2 notebooks, so that the infrared ports are facing each other,
and that the view between them is not blocked by anything :

Once the 2 systems have detected each other,
the icon will change and it will tell you the
computer name of the other notebook.
You are now ready for the data-exchange
via Direct-Cable connection :
Installation of Direct Cable Connection

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