Is Apple teaming with VMware for an iPad Microsoft Office Killer?

CRN is reporting that "Apple, VMware Team On iPad Microsoft Office Killer".  CRN writes "According to sources with knowledge of the project, the iPad app combines VMware View virtual-desktop software with cloud-hosted versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers — known as the iWork suite — running on Apple infrastructure. VMware’s Horizon Application Manager, a management tool that has been likened to an enterprise app store, is also included, sources told CRN."

Could this be true?  If it is, does VMware view make for a good end-user experience just to deliver iWork?  This seems like a really "heavy" approach and overkill for the task at hand.  Also, if it is true, I’m sure there is some kind of crazy legal licensing going on as well.  This seems a little suspect to me.  Brian Madden ponders on the subject as well in more depth in a recent article as well.

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