Is Microsoft Building a Client Hypervisor?

There has been speculation that Microsoft will be including a version of Hyper-V called Hyper-V 3.0 in Windows 8. Robert McLaws grabbed some information from a Windows 8 build that shows the setup options for Hyper-V Core.


Some of the new features appear to be:


  • Virtual Fibre Channel Adapter
  • Storage Resource Pools
  • New .VHDX virtual hard drive format (Up to 16TB + power failure resiliency)

Memory/Processor Enhancements

  • Support for more than 4 cores! (My machine has 12 cores)
  • NUMA – Memory per Node, Cores per Node, Nodes per Processor Socket

Networking Enhancements

  • Hardware Acceleration (Virtual Machine Queue & IPsec Offload)
  • Bandwidth Management
  • DHCP Guard
  • Router Guard
  • Monitor Port
  • Virtual Switch Extensions
  • Network Resource Pools

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