Is Microsoft Hyper-V infiltrating VMware shops?

Microsoft Hyper-V has started to make inroads into dominate VMware shops, but how prevalent is Hyper-V in these types of shops? A recent article from CIO attempts to answer this question. Small companies or those with simple IT requirements aren’t the only ones looking at Hyper-V more intently. Though a report published in July by Enterprise Strategy Group showed that, of clients who installed any virtual servers, 56 percent use hypervisors from more than one vendor, Forrester’s Staten doesn’t expect any wholesale migration to Hyper-V.

One of the shifts to Hyper-V has been costs. Hyper-V is free (if you don’t count the costs of management feature add-ons like System Center). A lot of shops cut costs in the past by consolidating hardware using virtualization. A lot of those companies now have consolidated to the max and are looking for further ways to cut costs – perhaps by switching in some capacity to lower priced solutions like Citrix XenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V.

What do you think? Are you seeing more Hyper-V adoption?

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