Is the end in sight for Forefront UAG, too?

It looks as if I’m not the only one who has been looking at the deprecated features list and wondering if it foreshadows the end of UAG. Sander de Wit is apparently thinking along the same lines:

It’s hard not to think that, given the fate of TMG that was long suspected and finally acknowledged last fall. But one also has to wonder why, if UAG’s head is on the chopping block too, Microsoft didn’t include it in that “September Surprise” list of Forefront products it was discontinuing:

Seems as if that would have been the logical way to handle it. But then again, logic doesn’t seem to be much in play here. When we first heard that TMG was going away, we speculated (hoped) that maybe its key functionalities would get baked into the next version of Windows Server. Instead, Windows Server 2012 got a number of the features that belong to UAG, which wasn’t on the discontinued list.

The Powers That Be at Microsoft undoubtedly have a plan, and probably have good reasons to back up their decisions. But right now, when it comes to UAG, they aren’t really sharing either one.

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