Is your BES12 systems’ performance keeping you up at night?

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Today, mobile devices are everywhere and business users have a need to access their data from anywhere and from multiple devices. Likewise, users’ experience with BlackBerry performance and availability is crucial to any deployments’ success.

BES12 is the ‘central nervous system’ of a powerful ecosystem that brings together mobile devices, apps, cloud services, and mobile operator services.

For large and very large companies, collaboration tools: classic email, document sharing, instant messaging and mobile communication are absolutely critical. The availability and performance of such systems as well as mobile infrastructure are now crucial in day-to-day operations, the applications not only can’t go down but can’t see their overall performance decrease.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is deeply integrated with BES12 deployment to provide detailed, fine-grain visibility of the infrastructure before outages might occur. This is definatly a strength as the type of tools used to look after the physical infrastructure do not give IT teams a visibility on the health of their messaging and collaborations applications. This is where we add value by our agentless tool which provides IT architects and administrators a lot of information to see how performance is evolving. They can automate a lot of actions and focus on added services to the users and … not be awaken at night.

You need to guarantee the flow of communications all time?
You wonder how to proactively identify BES performance and availability issues?

You want to deliver optimal Quality of Service to your end-users?

In order to share this business value with a large number of companies we’ve put together a new series of webinars in North America, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany which highlight the need for a detailed infrastructure monitoring service for BES12. Participants will learn how to ensure business continuity by monitoring, reporting and alerting on the BlackBerry12 experience.

Below, what you will see in action:

  • Real-time remote monitoring dashboard
  • BES12 system information (disk, CPU, RAM)
  • Monitoring and reporting on the availability of the BES12 server pooling
  • Monitoring and reporting on SQL availability and database size thresholds
  • Connection status to BlackBerry Web Service
  • Monitoring and reporting on Active Sync availability and configured end points
  • SRP connection status
  • Critical Windows services on BES remote server

So book your seats now, below the upcoming BES12 events:
April 9th: Webinar for end-customers in English
April 9 – Webinar for VARs in German
April 16 – Webinar for end-customers in French 

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