ISA 2006 Firewall Wins Infosecurity’s Global Product Excellence Award

OK, let’s get away from the maudlin words of Grant Rice and how he foretold the first ISA security issue in over four years.

Sure, hardware firewall guys would give their eye teeth for such a superior security record,image and I’m sure they’re dancing in the halls today with expensive single malt whisky and champagne, gained from the outrageous margins they foist on their hapless customers 🙂  

I say “let them dance!” – since I expect they’re going to have to wait at least another 4 years before the TMG firewall see another security update.

Now for some good news. The ISA 2006 firewall actually had a great day yesterday.

How? Check out this list of Global Product Excellence – Customer Trust list from InfoSecurity magazine:

That’s right. Right there in the 2009 Global Product Excellent – Firewall Solution category is our very own ISA firewall. Note that they didn’t say “server solution”, note that they didn’t say “proxy solution”, not that they didn’t say “software [proxy/firewall/server] solution” – they said Firewall Solution.

So folks like me and Richard Hicks and Jason Jones and all the others who have wrote to me agreeing that we should say “ISA firewall” or “TMG firewall” – call yourselves vindicated by one of the foremost voices in security on the Internet today.



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