Installation the Remote ISA Server MMC console on Win2k Professional Machine

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I’ve installed the Remote ISA Server MMC console on my Win2k Professional Machine. When I try to connect to the ISA Server through the console, it doesn’t work! I’m logged in as a Domain Admin and I’ve even used the Run As command. What up with that?


This is a common problem! Try this: On the isa server: START-> Run->dcomcnfg.exe. Go to the “Default Security” tab. Edit “Default Access Permissions”. Now you can ADD the “Administrators Group”. Note this is the group and not the account (untested) or REMOVE ALL the users. (tested) including the INTERACTIVE & SYSTEM accounts. This resets the default permissions. Just one other thing, you NEED to reboot the isa server. Many thanks to DION for sharing this tip!

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