How to assign the IP addresses to clients on the internal network

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My dsl router has a static ip and my isa server external interface also has a static ip. The isa server’s external interface’s default gateway is the dsl router’s ip. Now these 2 ip addresses belong to a subnet with 16 ip addresses. of which 2 are used as described above, and 2 r used by the network number and the broadcast ip. The subnet mask of the router and the external interface of the isa server is . Now i wan’t to know that how can i assign the remaining ip addresses to machines in my internal network. for my internal network i am using the network with a subnet mask of All the computers run in one network segment thru a hub and a switch.


You can’t assign the IP addresses to clients on the internal network, but you can put a third network card in the ISA Server and make a perimeter network (DMZ) with those addresses. You’ll have to subnet the addresses because they can’t be on the same network ID as the external interface.

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