How to host a web site on the same machine as the ISA Server

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I can not get my ISA server to present my own web site ( hosted by same machine under IIS) am desprately trying to get site online as soon as possible.


To host a web site on the same machine as the ISA Server, you should change the properties of the Web Site to use the internal interface and a port number that is *not* port 80. Even though the case study documentation at the end of the help file says that you can use port 80 on the internal interface, we’ve never been able to make that work.

So, suppose you changed the web site to use port 88 and the IP address of the internal interface. After making those changes and restarting the web site, publish the web site using the web publishing wizard. Even though it is using port 88 on the internal interface, users will be able to use port 80 on the external interface because the Web Proxy service is listening on that port.

Be sure to create a destination set for the web site before running the web publishing wizard.

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