ISA Server and Beyond Officially Released and Available


ISA Server and Beyond Officially Released and Available

By Thomas W Shinder M.D.

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: ISA Server and Beyond is officially released and immediately available for purchase at It seems like it took forever to write it. Thousands of hours went into researching the information in this book. There were several times when Debi would have to rescue me from our ISA Server lab because it was 4AM and I hadn’t slept for a couple of days. There is so much cool and undocumented stuff in this book that its hard to say what’s best.

Here are just a few of the more interesting things we cover in this book:

  • Inbound and outbound access through a back to back DMZ; most articles and books focus on the inbound access or outbound access issues, in this one we cover both sides of the equation
  • How to configure a private address, LAT-based DMZ to get around the major limitations you’re stuck with when using a public address trihomed DMZ configuration
  • Details on how the trihomed DMZ configuration works and the exact packet filter configurations required to publish common servers on a public address trihomed DMZ segment
  • The configuration steps required to create a back to back public address DMZ segment and when/why you would want to do this
  • The secrets of publishing OWA on the ISA Server itself as well as on the internal network are revealed; no more guesswork why you do stuff and how it works. Just straightforward steps by steps
  • Secure POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP service publishing. I mean SECURE — using certificates and TLS security to protect the communications.
  • Details and specifics for SSL site publishing. Use Web Publishing, Server Publishing or both. Certificate assignment and application are explained exactly and without guesswork
  • Comprehensive, but understandable discussions of network infrastructure. I don’t assume that you have a computer chip in your brain, I don’t assume you can read my mind, and I don’t speak in “shorthand” and hope you’ll figure out what I’m saying. Just plain language that any network admin can understand. No propeller beanies required!
  • Great information on securing Internet Information Services from attack. You can’t find all this comprehensive IIS security info in one place, ready for you to apply
  • A comprehensive discussion on Wireless networking and security considerations and applications of wireless. If you’re thinking about Wireless, you’ll really like this chapter.
  • The only super detailed step by step guide to publishing all Exchange 2000 services on the ISA Server itself and the only place you’ll find what you need to get the SMTP messages screener to work on the ISA Server itself when Exchange 2000 is also installed on the ISA Server
  • How Server, Web and packet filter publishing works when you want to run those services on the ISA Server itself

  • And there’s a lot more ISA Server stuff in the book that’s not documented anywhere else in the world. We’ve also got chapters which get you up to speed on IPSec, Certificate Services, and a great discussion of what the Security Configuration toolset is all about and how you can use it to secure internal network clients.

    I’m usually pretty critical of my own work, but I have to say this book is a decent attempt at providing ISA Server admins with the stuff they need to publish ANY service, on the internal network or on the ISA Server itself. It’s also the only place that you’ll find the information you need to create secure DMZ configurations with ISA Server and how to publish complex services that are running on the ISA Server itself. I sweated blood getting the details of these configurations down on paper and I really hope the info helps you out.

    There are also a couple of bonuses on the CD. First, there is a Transcender practice test for the 70-227 ISA Server MCP exam. And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a evaluation copy of VMware Workstation 3.2. You’ll be able to use the VMware application to test ALL of the configurations I discuss in the book. Everything in the book has been lab and field tested, and you should do the same. Use the VMware product to replicate the configurations in the book and confirm that they work. This book ain’t no copy of the Help file and Microsoft docs, that’s for sure!

    I appreciate all the support we’ve received from the ISA Server community. There are a lot of Web boards and discussion groups out there, but I can honestly say the community is the most professional, and most knowledgeable community of network administrators and engineers that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Its true a delight and an honor to have the opportunity to spend so much time discussing ISA Server and other network issues with all of you.

    Happy Holidays!



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