Is NT running with 40-bit or 128-bit encryption support installed?

NT supports both 40-bit and 128-bit. Under US export restrictions, the length of
the encryption key is limited to 40-bit. There is no limitation on the level of
encryption used within the US or Canada (at least for now). There is no elegant
way to tell what level has been installed or is running. If rsaenh.dll exists on the server, then at one time or another,
the 128-bit version was installed. BUT the mere existence of rsaenh.dll does not mean that you are running 128-bit. Best
bet is to check the file properties on ndiswan.sys,
schannel.dll, security.dll,
and ntlmssps.dll If you’re running the 40-bit version,
then the file description Export Version will be seen. If you’re running
the 128-bit version, then the description will contain a caution that it cannot
be exported from the US or Canada.

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