It’s the little things that get you sometimes! Remember to connect your devices!

I wish I was perfect, but I’m not!  This is a really simple one, but I managed to waste 15 minutes today because of it.  So, I’ll fess up and hope to save other poor souls a bit of time.

Here’s the scenario:  I’m building a new server for vCenter 5 as a virtual machine.  I’ve downloaded the Windows Server 2008 R2 media and added it to a data store and configured the new virtual machine’s CD/DVD drive to point to the ISO image in the data store.

However, when I started the VM, it went to a network boot screen.  I was left scratching my head wondering if I had a corrupt ISO.

And then, it hit me… the fix was just selecting the Connected and Connected at Power on checkboxes on the CD/DVD device properties screen.



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