Microsoft unveils ITSM integrations with OMS

Microsoft just announced the ability to integrate IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions within Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). For IT professionals, this update could make managing a hybrid IT environment much more seamless.

Here’s some information from Microsoft about the benefits and process for using this new integration.

How you can use ITSM with OMS


ITSM integration in Azure Insight & Analytics basically allows users to connect to a third-party ITSM provider and access help-desk data and log data all within OMS.

Microsoft has partnered with a few select service providers for this offering. So to get started, you need to choose one to integrate within OMS. Then you can update your information and start using it to solve IT issues and more, right within the same interface. Currently, you can integrate with ITSM services like System Center Service Manager, Cherwell, Provance, and ServiceNow.

Benefits of using ITSM with OMS

Once you’ve integrated your ITSM solution with OMS, you can access your help-desk reports and expedite the troubleshooting of IT issues, since you can access all of your information from one central program instead of switching back and forth.

No matter which specific provider you choose, you can enjoy a variety of different features. You have the ability to create events, alerts, and incidents in your service desk solution based on alerts from Azure Insight & Analytics. You can also read incidents from your service desk solution, read change request items from your service desk and correlate that data with Change Tracking solution in Azure Automation & Control, view curated dashboards for deeper insights, and troubleshoot faster by correlating with other management solutions in the Log Analytics workspace.

Microsoft also included some video tutorials in the announcement so you can learn exactly how to integrate a few different services into OMS.

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