Jack PC Thin Clients

Chip PC Technologies is a company producing Jack PC, small thin clients. The advantage of Jack PC products is that they are tiny can be installed in walls instead of network wall sockets!!!


Chip PC is offering a range of thin clients. All models use power over Ethernet (PoE) as power supply, although it is also possible to use additional power supply attached to the client. Typical power consumption of these thin clients is only 5 watts.

Chip PC thin clients offer different specifications. For example Jack PC EFI-6900 offers

  • Industry-leading hardware architecture integrating latest AMD RISC Processor, 64MB M-Systems DOC and 128MB DDR RAM
  • 4 USB (v2.0-compatible) ports, Audio In/Out support
  • 8 MB Video memory with DVI Video-Out supporting both DVI/Analog monitors, Dual Screen functionality supported
  • Advanced local image software including Windows CE 4.2/5.0 OS, ICA 9.x, RDP 5.2, IE 6, Built-in remotely managed desktop, multi sessions support
  • Full, remote, enterprise management through Xcalibur Global , combining real-time as well as policy-based management modes, including highest authentication mechanisms, Active Directory synchronization and more.

Jack PC clients look like an interesting solution for organisations interested to deploy TC technology for the first time. In case of companies who have existing infrastructure, the benefits of Jack PC might be less attractive.

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