Jim Harrison Updates ISAInfo 2004

ISAInfo.js (version 1.0.2161.21

  • fixed 0-length XML file creation on some machines
  • fixed WScript.Shell.Exec() method hanging on some utilities

ISAInfo.hta (version 1.0.2161.21

  • fixed netsh ipsec rendering

User Notes:

ISAInfo.hta has been tested under IE7 and as long as the HTA and the XML file are both on local fixed drives, it runs without errors (so far). If you try to open an XML file that is located on either a mapped drive or local removable drive (most notably USB sticks), youll see an 0x800C0006 invalid file handle error.  Simply move the XML file to a local fixed drive and the HTA will read it properly.

This behavior does not occur in IE6.




Thomas W Shinder, M.D.

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