July 12, 2011: The birth of ESXi/vSphere 5?

July 12, 2011: The day that will (might?) be remember as the day that VMware launched ESXi/vSphere 5. Of course, in keeping with tradition, it’s likely that VMware will rename all of the products in the portfolio, change features names, add and remove editions and do all other sorts of marketing craziness creating massive customer confusion.

All kidding aside: VMware’s CEO and CTO are slated to be on hand to launch what the company is calling “the next major step forward in Cloud infrastructure.” Pundits around the web agree that ESXi 5 is a-coming! Of course, it’s possible that VMware will announce something totally different.

What do you think? Think that vSphere 5 is going to be here before we know it or is this announcement going to be about something else?

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