June’s Newsletters Teaser

The TMG Firewall on the TechNet Wiki – ISAserver.org newsletter lead article is about online resources related to TMG configuration, operation and troubleshooting and the author dedicates an extra couple of lines about Microsoft’s TechNet wiki. At the end the author suggests to ‘Give the TechNet wiki a try! You might find that you really like it and become a TechNet wiki ninja!’

More Power to You – WindowsNetworking.com newsletter for June, discusses energy consumption and conservation, and the drive that new technologies try to follow – green technology! Use PowerShell to find processes using most virtual memory and the monthly networking tip and Q&A by the author.

Software Defined Networking – VirtualizationAdmin.com for the month of June includes a brief discussion about Software Defined Networking (SDN), the white paper, solutions and helpful links of the month, plus the monthly question to the author.

Exchange Online Migrations – MSExchange.org newsletter explains online migrations options and how to pick the right method. It includes articles of interest and news of the month, plus the monthly Q&A by the author.

Latest Attack Trend – WindowsSecurity.com newsletter discusses the latest trends in Cyber-attacks, specifically the Persistent Spear Phishing attack, it also includes quotes and favourite links of the month, plus the SecOps: What You Need To Know section.

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