Just Getting Started with VMware Virtualization?

Often people forget that there are those out there that are just getting started with virtualization. Many of us have moved on to more complicated paths including other products and multiple sites, but what kind of resources are out there for people just getting started that aren’t also out-dated? Luckily VMware has an answer for that. VMware Hands-On-Labs are actually for everyone. They have most of their products available for demo.

By going to VMware HOL and clicking on Focus: Beginners you will find a few labs to get started. I would recommend the vSphere and vSOM 101 lab (HOL-SDC-1310) to get started. There are several videos in the beginning of the lab to help you get your bearings before you dive in to the interactive lab portion. Once you understand the concepts there you’ll be able to get started with VMware in production and move on to some of the other labs.

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