Key benefits from Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services.

First of all, don’t get confused with the wording of “Exchange Hosting” and “Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services“. In a previous post, I wrote about the service offering from MS Exchange hosted services, you can read it here.

In this post, I would like to show the best of the service benefits from MS Exchange Hosted Services (EHS). This offering from Microsoft is to help its customers meet complex e-mail compliance requirements, which includes hosted services for e-mail filtering, encryption, archiving and recovery. These key services really help the organization to communicate with minimum risk.

EHS offers enterprise-class reliability for messaging security, compliance, management and availability of email communications. It helps clients simplify administration of their messaging environments and is easy to deploy with a minor change in any existing setup. This is a sort of SaaS whereby customers do not require hardware and software – it will dramatically reduce the upfront cost to zero; charge is based on the monthly subscription hence it provides a predictable payment process.

Before I wrap up this short post, let me point out the highlights of the service benefits from EHS:

  • Real-time anti spam and virus defenses from multiple engines.
  • Mitigate virus outbreak threats substantially before it reaches your corporate network
  • Efficient way of backing up the email systems which helps on speedy recovery during disaster.
  • Upfront capital is damn cheap.
  • Exchange Administrator is relieved from unwanted tasks so that he can be more productive on his core admin tasks.
  • Your bandwidth is more flexible as Microsoft handles it.
  • Your servers are not overloaded with lower load on CPU & RAM
  • Scaling becomes effortlessly simple.

EHS is offered through partners, so check it out here for more info.

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