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Private Label Hosted Exchange is a perfect way to resell hosted Exchange to your customers without the need of having to host a complex exchange infrastructure. Some providers offer Fully Managed Private label Exchange hosting, which allows you to offer Exchange service to your client’s .Your customers will never know that you & private label hosting providers are involved each other. You can buy Exchange hosting at low prices and sell it to your customers at a profit without the hassle of managing Exchange infrastructure.

Businesses from small scale to large scale are exploring ways to drive efficiencies and hosted exchange is becoming its preferred option. Radicati has predicted that Microsoft Exchange will continue to increase its market share of the global messaging software with 200 million users by 2009. So exchange hosting companies are equipping them to tap this opportunity by increasing revenues from existing & new clients.

Challenges for in-house hosting

It better & beneficial to build and maintain the infrastructure in-house OR use a private label service to deliver hosted products to your customers?

Whatever the challenges are, the hosted services delivered to the customers are mission critical business applications, e.g., E-mail and other collaboration tools. Therefore, it is vital to mitigate the downtime and make the services available to your customers reliably. To ensure this reliability, genuine hardware is primary requirement with appropriate software. Last but not the least, it should be configured, maintained and supported by experienced certified personnel.

Support is the key here, as hosting environment is required to be up-to-date with appropriate patches. Then respond to customer with proper information when they are concerned about their data safety.

How expensive is to have in-house Infrastructure?

To build your own in-house infrastructure, you will need a capital investment of approximately $100K, and with additional budget set-aside for operating costs, technology, refresh, other upgrades etc. Apart from this, there is a high cost involved to build and maintain a reliable in-house infrastructure which is usually done by experienced and certified personnel.

How easy is to setup Private Label Exchange Hosting?

Private label service is the answer. What that means is there are no up-front costs of hardware, software, ongoing upgrade, operational costs and last but not the least, service providers will manage the exchange hosting environment with appropriate security, backup and 24×7 support.

Your challenge is just to sell the exchange hosting service to your customers and extend first level support for initial problems users may face. These problems could be new mailbox creation, Accessing to your email etc. Complex problems and related calls from your clients are generally handled by second level support hosted by service providers. Most of the service providers are equipped with subject matter experts in its support team.

In order to sell hosted Exchange to customers with confidence, you need to know that the service is reliable and secure. Generally, this assurance can be obtained from service providers itself. Most of the well known private label services are using Class A datacenters with N+1 redundancy, which are designed to create the optimum environment for servers and other hardware. This comprises redundant power feeds, uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators, optimal cooling and the up-to-date security. On top of this, these providers can offer 99.9 % uptime with the help of state-of-the-art systems, which apparently eliminates single point of failures.

What about security?

Class A datacenters are generally secured in terms of accessing servers to only limited authorized & certified personnel. These kinds of facilities are also having tight security with latest technology access cards, video surveillance, sensors of different types (finger print, motion type etc) and security guards located at key spots in the site.

Brand Identity

Tier 1 Hosting Service Providers usually provide its platform for resellers that offer the company’s hosted services completely under their own corporate brand, URL, and with a unique user interface. This private label solution reinforces the resellers’ brand with their customers, deepens their market penetration and enables them to offer their customers’ enterprise-class hosted email and collaboration solutions at a price set solely by the VAR.

In Summary

Private Labeling Support offers service provider’s unique control panel which displays resellers branding with its own domain URL. Technical Support with guarantee up to 99.99% uptime. A Web Based Service which can do provisioning services such as Mailbox creation, Quota Management etc. Additional business opportunities to sell other applications such as CRM, Wireless Mobile, SharePoint etc. :
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