Kids and the Internet

The Internet is something that will have always been there for our children. Unlike myself I was actually around to see the Internet evolve into what it is today. It is a really wondrous creation, and has turned into something that is truly fantastic. That said, there are always those sick, loathsome people who for one reason or another put up extremely offensive content.

Question is what the heck can you do about it. Reality is that nowadays kids need the Internet for school, and for simple email amongst other things. Do you want you 10 or 11 year old seeing explicit sexuality on your computer? I know that I don’t. There are no real good solutions. Many software programs exist which take a lot of that undesirable content out of the picture for you, but pornographers are a crafty lot. The most innocent Google search will invariably turn up some hardcore ponography sites.

One of the better solutions is to install something like Squid, and manage things from there. Not everyone though is computer savvy enough, or for that matter has the time to do so. For those who do not have the time or knowledge then s/w programs like netnanny plus some parental supervision should do the trick. Do any of you have some home solutions?

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