If you missed the MSExchange.org Webinar: Exchange Migration Best Practices and Tips, go check out the recorded event!

An MSExchange.org Webinar sponsored by ENow

Many organizations make common, avoidable mistakes when planning and executing a messaging system migration. Part of the preparation process can now include learning important success factors from an expert in MS Exchange 2010 migrations, helping you identify and avoid those pitfalls.

J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and the cofounder and CIO of ClipTraining will go through tips and recommendations you need to know before undertaking your Exchange migration.

Watch the Webinar here!

In this complimentary 45 minute Webinar, you will learn:

  • – The 4 key phases of a migration you must know
  • – Key elements to a sound Exchange design for a smooth migration
  • – How to verify your Implementation is ready for users
  • – The best way to create a migration plan
  • – Common pitfalls that can occur during the migration and how to avoid them
  • Watch the Webinar here!

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