Latest RMS downloads

  • RMS Protection Tool v1.0.1770.0 – The RMS Protection Tool contains PowerShell Cmdlets designed for developers and IT professionals who want to use scripting mechanisms to bulk protect and unprotect documents.
  • Rights Management Service SDK 2.1 – RMS SDK 2.1 is a revamped version of the SDK for rights-enabling your applications and solutions. RMS SDK 2.1 includes File API support
  • Rights Management Service Client 2.1 – RMS Client 2.1 is software designed for your client computers to help protect access to and usage of information flowing through applications that use Azure RMS and AD RMS on-premises
  • Microsoft RMS SDK 4.2 for iOS – Microsoft RMS SDK 4.2 for iOS is a lightweight SDK for creating rights-enabled applications. By downloading the software, you agree to the license terms provided for this software. If you do not agree to the license terms, please do not download the software.

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