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  • The UC Architects Podcast Ep21 –

    This episode is hosted by Pat Richard who’s joined by Serkan Varoglu, Johan Veldhuis, Mahmoud Magdy and Dave Stork.

    Amongst the topics discussed in this episode are:

    • Exchange storage design
    • Exchange 2013 implementation
    • The mysterious Exchange App
    • Script converting mail-user to mailbox-user
    • Evoko Room Manager
    • Lync and Yahoo federation
    • Lync Mac 2011 update
    • Lync Conference contents
    • Script to find available numbers in Lync
    • Lync LPE update
    • Lync desktop sharing issue
    • TechEd NA/Europe
  • The UC Architects Podcast Ep22 

    This episode is hosted by Steve Goodman, who’s joined by Johan Veldhuis, Serkan Varoglu, Dave Stork, Andrew J. Price, John Cook, Ståle Hansen and yours truly.

    Amongst the topics discussed in this episode are:

    • Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator
    • Exchange Virtual Conference
    • New mobile app for The UC Architects
    • AD FS on Azure guidance
    • Ask the Perf Guy: Sizing Exchange Server 2013
    • Script: Paul’s Test-ExchangeServerHealth.ps1
    • Script: Removing Exchange messages by message class
    • Exchange 2013 Management Pack
    • Lync 2013 Management Pack
    • Lync Hybrid Voice offers simplified
    • Lync Server root certificate updates for push notifications, federation with
    • Lync 2013 client updates released
    • Custom Lync config.xml file for PortQryUI
    • Lync 2013 Jumpstart with Brian Ricks and Aaron Steele
    • Lync remote code execution vulnerability
    • Lync bandwidth calculator


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