Launch Admin Tools from the Command Line

Most admin tools in Windows Server 2003 are MMC consoles you can access from the Start menu. But you can also open these console from the command line if you know their .msc filenames. This can be especially useful if you log on to your admin workstation using a limited privilege account and use Runas to perform admin tasks. For reference, here’s a list of admin tools with their associated .msc files. You can print this out and tape it on the wall beside your workstation until you memorize the ones you use most commonly.

AD Domains and Trusts
Active Directory Management
AD Sites and Serrvices
AD Users and COmputers
Authorization manager
Certification Authority Management
Certificate Templates
Cluster Administrator
Computer Management
Component Services
Configure Your Server
Device Manager
DHCP Managment
Disk Defragmenter
Disk Manager
Distributed File System
DNS Managment
Event Viewer
Indexing Service Management
IP Address Manage
Licensing Manager
Local Certificates Management
Local Group Policy Editor
Local Security Settings Manager
Local Users and Groups Manager
Network Load balancing
Performance Montior
PKI Viewer
Public Key Managment
QoS Control Management
Remote Desktops
Remote Storage Administration
Removable Storage
Removalbe Storage Operator Requests
Routing and Remote Access Manager
Resultant Set of Policy
Schema management
Services Management
Shared Folders
SID Security Migration
Telephony Management
Terminal Server Configuration
Terminal Server Licensing
Terminal Server Manager
UDDI Services Managment
Windows Mangement Instumentation
WINS Server manager
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