LCS-Bridge: A SIP Application Filter for ISA Firewalls

Get the most from your Microsoft® Live Communications Server 2005 deployment with Collective Software LCS-Bridge for ISA Server 2004. LCS-bridge is a powerful filtering solution with the following features:

  • Enable secure collaboration across the firewall
  • Audio and Video streams
  • Transfer files
  • Share applications
  • Whiteboard
  • Secure SIP traffic before it enters the network with dynamic port control
  • More on LCS-Bridge:

Implementing an LCS environment that spans across your network perimeter has several challenges, especially when peer-to-peer protocols run into firewall security. Unless your network perimeter device inspects this SIP traffic and makes special allowances for p2p connections, your clients won’t be able to collaborate across that boundary.

LCS-bridge integrates this intelligence to ISA server so you can have the best features without compromising on the security of your network perimeter.

Real-time communication is always a moving target, and at Collective we know that one solution does not necessarily "fit all". We may be able to customize LCS-bridge to fit your needs. Want to ask us a question, recommend a feature, or chat about real-time communication? Head over to our forum and speak your mind.

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