Learn how to monitor VMware performance with this course

Many of you know David Davis as a virtualization guru. David also happens to be a friend of mine as well as a colleague. David is a full time employee of Train Signal, a company for which I also provide training courses. Recently, David and Train Signal have released a must-have course for anyone interested in monitoring the performance of VMware environments.

Consisting of 40 lessons, Train Signal’s VMware vSphere Performance Monitoring Training course covers it all from showing you how to get your lab ready so you can easily follow along to making sure you have deep understanding of just about every possible performance metric in VMware. Below, I’ve provided you with a list of all of the lessons so you can see for yourself what you’ll be buying.

Lesson 1 – Getting Started with VMware vSphere Performance Monitoring Training Course
Lesson 2 – Lab Setup
Lesson 3 – Course Scenario
Lesson 4 – Where vSphere Performance Fits Into the VCAP-DCA
Lesson 5 – vSphere Performance Overview
Lesson 6 – Understanding vSphere CPU Performance
Lesson 7 – Understanding vSphere Memory Management
Lesson 8 – Understanding vSphere Storage Management
Lesson 9 – Understanding vSphere Network Management
Lesson 10 – Understanding vSphere Resource Pools
Lesson 11 – Understanding vSphere Clusters
Lesson 12 – Tuning vSphere CPU Resources
Lesson 13 – Tuning vSphere Memory Resources
Lesson 14 – Tuning vSphere Storage Resources
Lesson 15 – Tuning vSphere Networking Resources
Lesson 16 – VM and Application Performance Tuning Overview
Lesson 17 – Properly Configuring a VM Guest
Lesson 18 – Tuning VM Guest Memory
Lesson 19 – Cleaning Up a Windows VM After P2V Conversion
Lesson 20 – Utilizing VM Guest Hot Add
Lesson 21 – Using vSphere Alarms for Performance Monitoring
Lesson 22 – Advanced Performance Graphing with the vSphere Client
Lesson 23 – Advanced Performance Analysis with esxtop and resxtop
Lesson 24 – Storage Performance Analysis with vscsiStats
Lesson 25 – VMware AppSpeed Quickstart
Lesson 26 – VMware Capacity IQ Quickstart
Lesson 27 – Distributed Resource Scheduler Overview
Lesson 28 – DRS Automation, Affinity Rules, and EVC
Lesson 29 – Configuring and Using Distributed Power Management
Lesson 30 – vSphere Capacity Planning
Lesson 31 – Using VMware vCenter Operations
Lesson 32 – Using VKernel vOperations Suite
Lesson 33 – VMware’s Free ESXplot
Lesson 34 – VMware’s Free IOBlazer
Lesson 35 – Veeam Monitor Free Edition
Lesson 36 – Xangati for ESX Free Edition
Lesson 37 – Using vKernel’s Free Performance Tools
Lesson 38 – XtraVirt’s Free vAlarm
Lesson 39 – VMware Guest Console (Free)
Lesson 40 – Next Steps

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