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Noida, June 14, 2012, Lepide Software launched Lepide Exchange Reporter- a comprehensive solution that deals with various reporting aspects of Exchange server. The software acts as a centralized platform that collects raw data from different log files and information stores, consolidates it, processes it and generates a number of insightful reports that present an accurate picture of the email environment of an organization.

These reports serve a number of purposes – they make system administrators aware of the email traffic flow volume and pattern, growth of the messaging data in the organization and utilization of resources such as servers and storage. This information not only helps administrators to better optimize IT resources in existing scenarios but also allows them to plan better for the future.

Prominent Features of the software:

  • A centralized platform to gather data from logs and information stores; process this data and generate detailed reports.
  • Monitor the mailbox traffic and contents in detail.
  • Automates server scanning and log files information collection process as per the set schedule.
  • Provides more than fifty reports in graphical and tabular format.
  • Generates predefined reports on Directory, Message delivery, Mailbox information, Mailbox traffic, Public folders, OWA (Outlook Web Access), server traffic and storage.
  • Offers comprehensive email flow reports on different criteria such as Senders, Receivers, Email subject, Date and Size etc.
  • View Email flow details history of each user such as sent mail, received mail and also interaction between two users.
  • Offers detailed analysis on email traffic, mailboxes content, folders, and OWA usage details.
  • Publish automated reports at scheduled time and in the requirement format to the concerned recipients.
  • Export generated reports in different formats such as (HTML, CSV, XLS, MHT, and RTF).
  • Supports granular filtering of the each report.
  • Tracking, Analyzing and Reporting multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Software has an intuitive and attractive interface

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. has come up with this product after a thorough research in this segment and after taking valuable inputs from a number of administrators. The result is an advanced product, each feature of which stands to support a particular activity and produce quantifiable benefits on the same.

The unavailability of the precise information on different nuances of the Exchange server is the major hurdle that administrators face while working on optimization of the email resources, process improvement and resource planning. Lepide Exchange Reporter solves this problem by offering accurate information on all these aspects through automation. System administrators get accurate and detailed information on system usage, email traffic through a number of requirement-centric reports on the back of low investment in this business add on.

Major Benefits offered by the Lepide Exchange Reporter

  • Keep a check on the email system of the organization through a centralized platform by knowing every minute details of the Exchange server which is worth knowing.
  • Get more out of your IT resources by knowing how they are being used, when they are being underused and when they are being overused.
  • Remain prepared to deal with future requirements by effective planning and better forecasting of the requirements in the coming year.
  • Prevent outages, email abuse and security breach by having detailed knowledge of all the happenings in the Exchange server.
  • Optimize system design and configuration; prevent server under-utilization or over-utilization by studying traffic pattern.

Try the software for free

Lepide Exchange Reporter is available in a free trial version. This no-obligation free software can be downloaded for free, and users can use the software evaluate it on their own. The trial version of the software offers complete features of the product but with some limitation. To be able to experience the features without any limitation you need to purchase the full version.

About the Company

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. the maker of this product is a leading provider of IT management and business add on solutions. The company has a number of advanced and proficient products under its portfolio. Lepide Exchange Reporter has received positive reviews and accolades from the Industry experts and takes forward the legacy of the cutting edge solutions that Lepide offers. To know more about the company you can visit the website: http://www.lepide.com.

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