Lepide makes Exchange migration even simpler

Noida, India 26th Aug’15 – Lepide Software, the IT management solution provider, has launched an upgraded version of its Exchange migration software – LepideMigrator for Exchange 15.3.

In the latest version, IT managers will be able to plan their entire Exchange migration well in advance by knowing exactly how much time the migration will take, how many load sharing agents will be required and when those agents will be free.

In addition the following features have been added:

  • Migrate Public Folders from on-premise Exchange to Office 365
  • Public Folder admin rights migration
  • Comprehensive reports covering all previous migrations
  • Mailbox configuration rollback history preserving
  • Outlook profile updating with options like convert to offline, online and preserve profile mode

The addition of these features is in line with Lepide’s philosophy of making the IT manager’s life easier.

“The need for these requirements has long been felt in the industry. IT managers want to know in advance how they should plan for their Exchange migration in terms of resources and time. This latest release will satisfy these requirements,” said Rupesh Kumar, managing director of Lepide Software.

For more information about LepideMigrator for Exchange, visit:  http://www.lepide.com/exchangemigrator/

About Lepide Software:

Lepide Software is a leading provider of auditing, monitoring, and migration solutions. The company offers state-of-the-art products in the following solution areas: change auditing, Identity and Access Management, server migration, Cloud/Office 365 migration, online live chat, and data recovery. It also offers end-to-end migration service in Exchange to Exchange and Exchange to Office 365/Cloud deployments. It has a million+ happy customers in around 196 countries.

Company website: http://www.lepide.com

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