LepideAuditor Suite 16.0 handles the burden of compliance for you

The onerous job of ensuring the never-ending raft of new regulatory demands are complied with will no longer be a burden as LepideAuditor Suite 16.0 cuts through the red tape on your behalf.

This latest version of Lepide Software’s flagship product is more powerful than all previous versions and includes a host of new features.

These include:

  • The ability to check the abidance status of server components for regulatory compliances including FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SAS, and SOX
  • 70+ predefined compliance reports added to the 270+ existing reports.
  • Restore Tab now a section of “Audit Reports” Tab, which also contains two additional “Audit Reports” and “Compliance Reports”sections.
  • Better and more lightweight agent for Group Policy Auditing

“Administrators in IT organizations are constantly concerned with the status of their servers in terms of meeting regulatory compliance”, Lepide Managing Director Rupesh Kumar said. “But now they don’t have to worry any more with LepideAuditor Suite 16.0. They now have more than 70 predefined detailed reports to check how Active Directory, Group Policies, Exchange Server, SharePoint, and SQL Server are complying with the latest regulatory demands.”

For more information about LepideAuditor Suite, visit: http://www.lepide.com/lepideauditor/

About Lepide Software:

Lepide Software is a leading provider of auditing, monitoring, and migration solutions. The company offers state-of-the-art products in the following solution areas: change auditing, Identity and Access Management, server migration, Cloud/Office 365 migration, and IT management. It also offers end-to-end migration service in Exchange to Exchange and Exchange to Office 365/Cloud deployments. It has a million+ happy customers in around 196 countries.

Company Website: www.lepide.com

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