List of ISA Firewall Build Numbers

I often have to try and figure out what version of the ISA firewall my clients are running. This can be a challenging task, since it’s not clear from the About information which build or service pack is running on the ISA firewall.

If you find yourself in the same situation, here’s a useful list that you might want to save to your USB flash drive:

ISA 2000 (SE and EE)

RTM                      3.0.1200.50

SP1                       3.0.1200.166

FP1                       3.0.1200.235

SP2                       3.0.1200.365


ISA 2004 SE

BETA                    4.0.2161.153

RTM                      4.0.2161.50

SP1                       4.0.2163.213

SP2                       4.0.2165.594

SP3                       4.0.2167.887


ISA 2004 EE

BETA                    4.0.3437.63

RTM                      4.0.3439.50

SP2                       4.0.3443.594

SP3                       4.0.3445.887


ISA 2006 EE/SE

RTM                      5.0.5720.100

Supportability      5.0.5721.240

SP1 5.0.5723.493


Note that this provides only Beta, RTM and SP information. Latest hotfix information will change the numbers.



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